Child Support Modification Guidelines

Modifying Child Support Requires Experienced Guidance

Last updated on August 5, 2021

The formula for determining support is set by statute in Minnesota. The incomes of both parents are used to determine the amount of child support and address the issues of basic child support, the allocation of the child care costs between the parents, and the expenses related to medical support of the child. When necessary, child support can and must be modified. At my law firm, James D. Capra Inc., I have been helping clients in Ramsey County for over 30 years.

What You Can Expect

If one of the parents can show that there has occurred, since the last child support order was set, a change in circumstances making that support order unreasonable or unfair, that parent can request that the court or a reviewing child support magistrate to modify support. A parent may apply for a modification of support for a number of reasons, including:

  • The gross income of one or both of the parties has increased or decreased.
  • The financial needs of one or both of the parties or the child have significantly increased.
  • Extraordinary medical expenses for the child exist that are not covered by other provisions of the parties’ court order.
  • A child has been emancipated.
  • Both parents consent to the modification and application of the new law.
  • There has been a substantial change in work or education-related child care expenses.
  • One party has been forced onto public assistance.
  • There has been a significant increase or decrease in the cost of living as determined by the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Under the child support statutes, if it is presumed that a substantial change in a parent’s circumstances has occurred, it may entitle him or her to a modification of support. I can analyze your case and help you determine all of the possible options. Together we will work toward the best possible solution for both you and your child.

I Can Help; Call Today

If you are entitled to a modification of the terms of your support order, whether it be an increase or a decrease, time is of the essence in the sense that any support modification you receive can be retroactive to the date you file for your modification. To discuss your situation, contact my St. Paul office at 651-337-9613 or fill out a contact form.